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Realtor & Attorney



I service all aspects of clients' real estate needs in the Heights area, including home buying, selling, investment, rentals, and legal work surrounding real estate issues.  I also facilitate transactions for commercial property, including apartment buildings, retail locations, and office buildings. My background as an attorney enables me to better protect real estate clients; home buying or selling is one of the biggest financial decisions that most people make in their lifetime. Being well protected from liability and pitfalls of the process is important. I pride myself on being low-pressure and objective. I am always straightforward and give you my honest professional advice.  I am always available to answer questions, and being responsive quickly is very important to me.


I joined the industry in 2012, helping with the legal work of one of the largest teams in the country by transaction. I slowly transitioned to the real estate side because I enjoyed working with people out of the office. So for 4 years this team of 4 agents (including myself) did over 250 transactions a year. An incredible experience, and having seen so many closings, I am well-versed on the potential problems that arise.  In 2021 I was recruited to Howard Hanna, one of the very best brokerages in the country. 


A bit more personally, I live in the Grant Deming Historic neighborhood. My wife is a physical therapist at UH, and I have 3 beautiful and tenacious young daughters, and recently we added a son to the mix.  Which keeps me from too much spare time. But when I do have time to myself I am a high-level (relatively) competitive tennis player, hobbyist woodworker, and mediocre berry gardener.

Country House
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